Why your company needs to be on Instagram and strategies to jumpstart your 'gram brand

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Many tech and B2B companies person a societal media beingness connected LinkedIn and Facebook, but these organizations could beryllium missing retired connected engagement and brand-building opportunities.


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In past decades, catchy vigor jingles, in-print ads and prime-time commercials whitethorn person provided ample selling coverage, however, the emergence of societal media has transformed accepted assemblage engagement and marque familiarity strategies. While galore companies whitethorn person a beingness connected larger platforms a la Facebook oregon adjacent YouTube, Instagram offers comparative advantages and opportunities for companies to consider. Even though the level landed connected to the societal media country much than a decennary ago, it's not excessively precocious for companies to see jumpstarting their 'gram brand.

"Although Instagram shares akin features with accelerated contented sharing platforms similar TikTok and Snap, its DNA shares roots with societal networking platforms specified arsenic Facebook and Twitter, making it an perfect spot for cultivating sustained and recurring engagement from the followers," said Mike Yao, integer media section caput prof astatine the University of Illinois astatine Urbana-Champaign, who teaches an online people connected integer media and selling strategies.

Social media platforms by the numbers

At the moment, there's nary shortage of societal media options to take from, though immoderate platforms boast larger audiences than others. Overall, Facebook and YouTube are 2 of the astir fashionable societal media platforms, with 69% and 81% of U.S. adults saying they usage Facebook and YouTube, respectively, according to Pew Research Center data.

Interestingly, 40% of adults accidental they usage Instagram, per Pew, and portion this whitethorn beryllium a  marked dip from the apical two, it's a noticeable uptick from the percent of U.S. adults who accidental they usage LinkedIn (28%); the fashionable networking and societal media level for professionals.

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Comparatively, Instagram's halfway idiosyncratic basal tends to beryllium younger adults. Among U.S. adults 65 and older, 50% said they usage Facebook and that fig drops to 13% for Instagram, according to Pew data. However, 71% of adults 18 to 29 and 48% of radical 30 to 49 said they usage Instagram, per Pew.

"Most of these individuals are successful businesses today, and astir usage Instagram to link with companies they like. If your institution isn't connected Instagram, you are apt missing retired connected sales, leads and progressive followers," said Randy Hlavac, who teaches digital, social, and mobile selling astatine Northwestern University and besides teaches a related people online connected Coursera.

Emphasizing akin sentiments, Yao said, "targeting young adults and establishing an aboriginal beingness among them connected a level that they are acquainted with has semipermanent benefits," careless of a company's merchandise oregon concern type.

"For B2B companies, being connected Instagram is similar being a subordinate of the community. It should beryllium little astir generating postulation and income abbreviated word but much astir gathering spot and familiarity," Yao said.

Although Instagram's estimation whitethorn not person the nonrecreational entreaty of sites similar LinkedIn, wherever companies and workers routinely stock institution updates, vocation quality and adjacent use for positions, the societal level inactive offers an accidental for tech and B2B brands.

"Although I deliberation LinkedIn whitethorn inactive beryllium a must-have level for IT, software, and B2B companies, Instagram offers a harmless abstraction for these brands to safely experimentation with originative contented and societal media selling strategies astatine a debased outgo with minimal hazard to marque reputation," Yao said.

Additionally, Yao said Instagram is "mainstream enough" to scope "millennial professionals," and the "highly ocular contented tin let brands to physique a hep and refreshing persona."

Daily and play viewing habits

With adults juggling galore societal media apps, it's besides important to instrumentality a look astatine regular and play engagement data. According to Pew data, 70% of U.S. adults usage Facebook connected a regular ground and 17% usage the tract weekly, compared with the fig of adults who accidental they usage YouTube connected a regular (54%) and play ground (29%); for perspective, 59% of U.S. adults usage Instagram connected a regular ground and 21% usage the level weekly.

This mixed container of viewing habits whitethorn marque it hard for companies to take either a much constricted attack with play posts oregon a much predominant strategy with aggregate regular uploads. Hlavac said companies should absorption connected consistency.

"Most companies confuse creating contented and selling their contented connected Instagram. If you make content, you should marketplace it aggressively connected Instagram implicit a play of weeks. Then, hold a month, and bash it again," Hlavac said. "While Instagram's marketplace is broad, each connection oregon contented posting volition lone scope a tiny information of your people market.

Strategies to support successful caput

Building a marque from scratch connected societal media whitethorn look similar a daunting task to companies caller to Instagram. But determination are a fig of strategies to support successful caput erstwhile gathering a societal media pursuing from the crushed up.

"The cardinal is to find the benignant of narration you privation to make with your Instagram audience. Are you trying to merchantability them online [social commerce]? Are you trying to make a lead? Are you trying to physique a follower basal wrong an industry?" Hlavac said.

"Each is simply a antithetic benignant of societal media selling strategy, and each requires you to customize your Instagram provender to the marketplace you privation to develop," helium continued.

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Beyond mounting aboriginal parameters connected the wide objectives, Yao suggested companies instrumentality clip to "consider the impacts of connection context" and guarantee that the company's "marketing goals, the connection goals, the message/content, and the level are strategically aligned."

"Social media selling is overmuch much than creating memes and posting connected Instagram," Yao said.

"Start dilatory and small. Cultivate a tiny but supportive assemblage archetypal earlier increasing the influence," helium continued. "Building a palmy societal media run is similar comedians telling a bully joke; it whitethorn look spontaneous and effortless, but it takes tons of preparation, proceedings and error, and practices to marque it work."

Being fashionably precocious is OK

While galore companies person a steadfast footprint connected Instagram, galore organizations inactive bash not person a beingness connected the societal media platform. More than a decennary aft the platform's inception, immoderate companies whitethorn consciousness arsenic though they are excessively precocious to join. After all, determination is simply a quality betwixt being connected time, fashionably precocious oregon conscionable precocious to the enactment altogether.

Neither of the representatives we spoke with felt it was excessively precocious for companies to motion up. When posed the thought of being excessively precocious to the 'gram party, Yao said helium didn't judge the level had "become excessively crowded for caller brands to found a presence."

"It is NEVER excessively late," Hlavac said. "Any of your people markets is looking for consistent, applicable and timely contented to assistance them successful their careers. Just start, enactment with it, and recognize what they are discussing."

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