Windows 11 Insider preview adds Microsoft Teams chat feature

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The latest insider physique for the upcoming caller mentation of Windows lets you chat with different radical adjacent if they don't person Teams.


Microsoft has delivered different diagnostic promised for Windows 11, namely chatting via its Teams app. The latest physique for the Windows 11 Insider preview reveals a Taskbar icon done which you tin usage Microsoft Teams to chat with different people. But the selling constituent present is that the idiosyncratic connected the different extremity doesn't request Teams to chat with you. When texting a non-Teams user, your chat volition tally done SMS.

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The integration with Teams marks a modulation for Microsoft. In the past, the institution touted Skype arsenic its go-to app for chatting and VoIP calling. But arsenic Zoom and different virtual gathering apps person taken the spotlight successful the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic and the displacement to distant working, Microsoft has been touting Teams not conscionable for concern users but progressively for location users.

For this archetypal version, the Teams chat diagnostic supports lone substance chatting with individuals and groups. Audio and video calling, meetings, surface sharing and different capabilities volition rotation retired implicit the coming weeks, Microsoft said successful a blog station announcing the caller Teams chat.

You tin spirit your texts with peculiar formatting, emoji, animated GIFs and record attachments. But since SMS is limited, the different idiosyncratic volition request the Teams app to presumption the formatting, GIFs and attachments. If the chat is tally done SMS, the idiosyncratic connected the different extremity volition person a nexus to download the Teams app. Teams is freely disposable for Windows, macOS, iOS/iPadOS, Android, Linux and the web.

To acceptable up the Teams feature, marque definite you're running the Insider preview for Windows 11 and that you've opted for the Dev transmission to get the latest updates. Then spell to Settings and Windows Update. Allow the latest physique to instal and reboot. After signing backmost in, you should spot a caller icon connected the Taskbar that says Chat erstwhile you hover implicit it. Click that icon and you're prompted to download Teams. Click the Set up button.

At the adjacent window, click Get started. Choose the Microsoft relationship you privation to usage with Teams and participate your password. A Teams model pops up for you to corroborate your sanction and opt to sync your Skype and Outlook contacts to find radical you cognize connected Teams. Click the Let's spell button.

The Teams app opens wherever you tin invitation people, commencement a chat, commencement a group, statesman a meeting, cheque your enactment and presumption your calendar.

The adjacent clip you privation to chat with someone, conscionable click the Teams Taskbar icon oregon property Win+C and take Chat. You tin present chat with 1 oregon much radical by entering their name, email code oregon telephone number.

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