Winnipeg family’s reunion with missing cat 2 years later a Thanksgiving miracle

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It’s a Thanksgiving miracle.

A Winnipeg household has been reunited with a furry person — astir 2 years to the time aft she went missing.

Dana Curtaz told Global News her feline Maggie, lone a twelvemonth aged astatine the time, disappeared successful October of 2019 aft the decease of her champion friend, a achromatic laboratory named Annie, who had cancer.

“Maggie and Annie were champion buddies, truthful erstwhile Annie was enactment down, Maggie was retired of sorts,” said Curtaz.

“There was 1 day, a fewer days aft Annie passed away, that we opened the backmost doorway and (Maggie) took off, and she conscionable ne'er came back. We thought, ‘maybe she’s looking for Annie.’

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“My hubby went looking for her successful the neighbourhood, asking radical if they’d seen her, I made flyers, we enactment them successful people’s mailboxes, posted pictures each implicit the spot and we conscionable ne'er knew what happened to her.”

Curtaz said aft a while, they gave up anticipation that Maggie — who had been an indoor feline her full beingness and didn’t person acquisition connected the thoroughfare — would ever beryllium seen again.

To capable the void near by Annie’s decease and Maggie’s disappearance, Curtaz said different cat, different dog, and, conscionable recently, a caller puppy had joined the household — and past she heard the quality Sunday night.

Dana Curtaz and Maggie aft  their reunion.

Dana Curtaz and Maggie aft their reunion. Submitted / Dana Curtaz

“On Sunday, aft the household left, conscionable aft Thanksgiving dinner, I get a connection from Missing Cat Alert saying, ‘your cat’s been found, and this woman has your feline who has been missing for 2 years,'” she said.

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“I called her, and she said she had been feeding Maggie since July, and she yet — aft 3 months — gained capable of her spot that she was capable to look successful her receptor astatine the tattoo.”

The fig connected Maggie’s tattoo led backmost to Curtaz and to their unexpected reunion, though it took the feline a small portion to get backmost to her aged habits.

“She’s a precise skittish cat, truthful I deliberation she wasn’t definite astatine first,” she said.

“We acceptable her up successful our spare chamber astatine archetypal … and my hubby and I took turns going into the chamber spending clip with her to effort to get her utilized to us. She really slept with maine past nighttime successful my bedroom, and I deliberation she present knows who we are.

“I’m going to instrumentality her to the vet connected Friday, get her checked over, she’s going to request to beryllium dewormed and she’s decidedly going to request her claws trimmed, due to the fact that they’re dangerously crisp — particularly if we’re going to effort to integrate her with the different pets successful the house.”

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Somehow, during her 2 years successful the wild, Maggie recovered her mode each the mode crossed the metropolis — successful St. James, aft starting retired successful Transcona — a travel Curtaz, oregon anyone, volition ne'er cognize the afloat details of.

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For now, though, she’s conscionable blessed Maggie’s backmost wherever she belongs.

“It haunted maine for the longest time,” she said.

“I felt blameworthy that I had fto her get out, and I ever wondered immoderate became of her. She’d been gone longer than she was live — she was 1 twelvemonth aged erstwhile she disappeared, and present she’s three.”

Curtaz said Maggie is “really calm” present that she’s home, and she’s already made friends with 1 of her caller housemates — a aureate retriever — and is moving connected getting introduced to the different four-legged residents.

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