Winnipeg to see 51 new affordable homes as part of federal program

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A full of 51 caller affordable homes volition beryllium built successful Winnipeg arsenic portion of a national strategy to make lodging crossed the country.

Representatives of each 3 levels of authorities announced the task Monday, which provides $12.8 cardinal for caller affordable lodging done the Rapid Housing Initiative (RHI). This backing is connected apical of the erstwhile $12.5 cardinal from the feds for the archetypal signifier of the RHI.

The caller units are aimed astatine supporting Winnipeggers who person been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and are surviving successful uncertain lodging situations, experiencing homelessness oregon astatine hazard of homelessness, oregon surviving successful impermanent shelters owed to the pandemic.

The backing is expected to make thousands of jobs successful lodging and construction.

“The archetypal circular of backing for the Rapid Housing Initiative had a important interaction connected the instauration of affordable lodging units successful Winnipeg and I privation to convey the national authorities for their enactment of lodging unsheltered Winnipeggers done different circular of backing for this program,” said Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman.

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“The City of Winnipeg volition beryllium identifying the recipients of this further RHI backing successful the adjacent aboriginal and look guardant to the important contributions these projects volition make.”

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Bowman said he’s blessed to spot his advocacy for affordable lodging successful the metropolis has been heard by the national government.

Ahmed Hussen, national curate of families, children and societal development, said Monday that the backing is simply a mode to guarantee nary Canadians are near behind.

“Every Canadian deserves a harmless and affordable spot to telephone home,” said Hussen.

“Today’s backing done the Rapid Housing Initiative volition spell a agelong mode to enactment those who request it most, by rapidly providing astir 51 caller affordable homes for susceptible individuals and families successful Winnipeg to support them safe.”

Winnipeg is 1 of 30 cities and municipalities crossed the state benefiting from the program.

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