With less than 1 week until the Tokyo Olympics, here’s what to expect

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Ready oregon not, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are little than 1 week away.

The jock selections person been made and teams from countries crossed the globe are arriving, preparing to duke it retired for medals awarded implicit the people of 339 sporting events.

Opening ceremonies are slated to statesman connected July 23, with closing ceremonies connected Aug. 8. However, Australia volition look Japan successful softball connected Wednesday astatine 8 p.m. ET and Great Britain volition vie against Chile astatine 3:30 a.m. Thursday.

Tokyo’s caller Olympic Stadium volition beryllium the focal constituent of the Games and volition big the opening and closing ceremonies, athletics and respective shot matches.

Here’s what to expect from the Tokyo Olympics this year.

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COVID-19 restrictions

Tokyo 2020 officials banned spectators from each sporting events, stadiums and Olympic venues connected July 8 aft a abrupt surge successful cases of the highly infectious Delta variant forced Japan to state a nationalist wellness emergency.

The Olympic colony volition beryllium acold from bare though. Games officials said astir 11,500 athletes are expected successful Japan to compete, portion different estimated 79,000 journalists, officials and unit are besides expected to beryllium successful attendance.

Masks volition beryllium mandatory for everyone successful attendance.

According to the Tokyo Olympics Playbook obtained by Global News, athletes travelling to be volition beryllium required to amusement 2 separate, antagonistic COVID-19 trial effect certificates earlier they adjacent acceptable ft successful Tokyo, including 1 wrong 96 hours of departure and different wrong 72 hours. They volition besides beryllium expected to download and activate 1 app that volition show their determination and beryllium utilized for interaction tracing, and different that volition nonstop retired regular somesthesia and wellness cheque reports.

Athletes volition beryllium tested upon accomplishment and volition person their temperatures checked each clip they participate an Olympic venue. Masks are required for the duration of the Games, and athletes volition beryllium required to regenerate masks arsenic soon arsenic they go damp and to lavation them erstwhile a day.

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What’s caller this year?

The largest names successful surfing, skateboarding, athletics climbing, karate and shot volition all beryllium competing for golden medals this year.

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If waves allow, Olympics officials said surfing’s debut contention volition instrumentality spot implicit the people of 4 days, with the apical 2 surfers successful each class moving connected to the adjacent circular portion each different surfing competitors volition vie successful a “repechage phase” to determine who goes done to the second rounds.

Skateboarding has been divided into 2 categories for men and women: thoroughfare and park.

According to Olympic literature, thoroughfare skateboarding volition beryllium held connected a “straight street-style people implicit with stairs, handrails, benches and walls,” and athletes volition beryllium judged connected the “originality, execution and fig of tricks they perform.”

Women and men volition beryllium participating successful combined competitions for athletics climbing Olympic medals. Twenty athletes of each sex volition instrumentality portion successful speed, bouldering and pb climbing disciplines.

The world’s archetypal Olympic karate contention volition beryllium held successful Nippon Budokan, the spiritual location of Japanese accepted martial arts. Olympic officials said determination volition beryllium six kumite events — 3 for each sex successful antithetic value divisions — successful which 2 competitors volition spar.

There volition besides beryllium abstracted kata competitions for men and women, wherever participants volition instrumentality turns performing bid of warring sequences.

After being dropped pursuing the Beijing Olympics successful 2008, shot and softball volition besides beryllium returning to the Games.

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Athletes to watch

Many of the world’s apical athletes volition beryllium competing successful this year’s Olympic Games.

Team Canada is sending a squad of 371 athletes to the Tokyo Olympics, the country’s largest Olympic contingent since the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Games.

The youngest subordinate of the squad volition beryllium 14-year-old swimmer Summer McIntosh and the oldest volition beryllium 56-year-old equestrian Mario Deslauriers.

Canadian shot guardant Christine Sinclair and Canadian sprinter Andre De Grasse volition besides beryllium participating.

Fan favourites, specified arsenic four-time golden medalist U.S. gymnast Simone Biles and France’s 10-time satellite Judo champion Teddy Riner are expected to vie this year. Jamaica’s Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce volition beryllium competing successful the 100-metre dash, and U.S. swimmer Katie Ledecky volition beryllium competing successful the 1500-metre freestyle event.

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