Woman with flooded basement ‘frustrated’ at City of Welland’s lack of response

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A pistillate is expressing vexation with the City of Welland aft her basement became flooded pursuing a time of dense rain.

Alanah Claus says h2o began rising retired of the level drain of her Beatrice Street location astatine astir 1 p.m. Saturday afternoon.

But erstwhile she called the city’s sewer backup enactment astir an hr later, Claus says nary 1 astatine the metropolis gave her a wide reply arsenic to the origin of the flooding oregon a effect plan.

“It was beauteous frustrating,” said Claus. “When I called the city, I was trying to explicate that I thought it was the full thoroughfare that was impacted and I conscionable got chopped disconnected and was told that a batch of radical are dealing with h2o close now… and the woman could not get maine disconnected the telephone accelerated enough.”

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As the floodwater reached astir 5 inches high, Claus says household friends came to the rescue with 2 h2o pumps to bare the basement, which arsenic of Saturday evening, had not wholly dried out.

“Luckily, ours isn’t a afloat finished basement truthful it could person been a batch worse, but I tin ideate a batch of radical mislaid a batch of invaluable things,” said Claus, who has been surviving successful her location for astir a year-and-a-half.

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“This is going to beryllium our full adjacent fewer days, conscionable drying worldly retired and assessing the damage.”

Claus says a fig of her neighbours, adjacent those 1 thoroughfare over, were dealing with flooded basements but she has not seen an authoritative effect from metropolis officials.

“Several hours, each the mode to the extremity of our street, and astatine slightest different artifact up from america were each having the aforesaid issue,” said Claus.

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Despite having an unfinished basement, Claus says they had “a batch of worldly down there,” including tools, workout machines, supplies from her occupation arsenic a teacher, and a thorax freezer that was floating astir astatine 1 point.

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As of Saturday evening, the City of Welland had not issued immoderate details of the flooding connected its authoritative Twitter oregon Facebook accounts.

The metropolis has not responded to a petition for comment.

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