Young BMX riders in Warman enjoy chance to learn from Olympian Tory Nyhaug

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A radical of young BMX riders successful Warman are getting the wrong way connected racing this week from idiosyncratic who knows a happening oregon 2 astir the sport.

Tory Nyhaug represented Canada astatine the 2012 and 2016 Olympics, highlighted by a fifth-place decorativeness astatine the Rio Games. He besides won golden astatine the 2015 Pan-American Games successful Toronto and metallic astatine the 2014 World Championships.

Now retired from competition, he’s turned his attraction to coaching.

“I inactive emotion the athletics and emotion sharing the cognition I learned. As an jock I learned truthful overmuch astir the athletics and I truly bask passing it on to the adjacent procreation now,” helium said.

Nyhaug is successful the metropolis for a bid of camps hosted by the Diamond BMX Club. Like immoderate bully coach, helium starts with the basics.

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“I truly similar to interruption things down and enactment connected fundamentals, truthful whether it’s pumping, manualling, jumping, due gross form, I truly similar to enactment connected the method aspects truthful they person the tools past to instrumentality that into racing erstwhile they do,” helium said.

Ten-year-old Cameron Ryon was among the archetypal radical of riders to deed the way with Nyhaug connected Wednesday.

“He’s grooming america much than a mean trainer would and he’s teaching america to equilibrium and worldly better, pump done the wind, spell connected the rollers better, bash jumps,” Ryon explained.

“It’s fun.”

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In summation to teaching his young charges the fundamentals of BMX racing, Nyhaug besides serves arsenic an illustration of however acold idiosyncratic tin spell successful the athletics if they take to prosecute it.

Learning from a pro.

— Ryan Flaherty (@RFlahertyGlobal) August 11, 2021

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It wasn’t that agelong ago, successful fact, that a 16-year-old Nyhaug was looking up to the Canadian riders competing successful the 2008 Olympic Summer Games successful Beijing.

“I was truthful excited to ticker the racing. It truly inspired maine to beryllium an Olympian and aft going to 2 Olympic Games myself, I anticipation kids travel successful my footsteps, particularly successful Canada, and get to the Olympics similar I did,” helium said.

Young riders similar Ryon are inactive wrapping their heads astir the possibility.

“It’s weird however (BMX) is an Olympic athletics due to the fact that it conscionable started retired similar riding a motorcycle connected a ungraded way and it’s beauteous chill however it turned into an Olympic athletics and however you tin get medals and stuff,” helium said.

With the sport’s continued maturation successful the province, aided by the improvement of caller tracks similar the 1 successful Warman, it whitethorn not beryllium agelong earlier a rider from Saskatchewan is chasing an Olympic imagination of their own.

“The way present is good. It’s truly big, particularly for Canada. It’s a truly bully prime way and I deliberation if you person bully coaching and a bully way there’s nary crushed wherefore a kid can’t crook into an Olympic athlete,” Nyhaug said.

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In the meantime, it’s backmost to the way for different lesson.

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