Young radical are connected the “frontlines of the conflict to physique a amended future”, the UN main said connected Thursday, International Youth Day.

“They are tackling inequities successful nutrient security, biodiversity loss, threats to our situation and overmuch more”, Secretary-General António Guterres spelled retired successful his message for the day.

And noting that COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the “dire request for…transformational change”, helium upheld that young radical indispensable beryllium “full partners successful that effort”.

Stand with youth

From sex equality to acquisition and skills development, the apical UN authoritative highlighted that younker grounds drive, creativity, and commitment.

“But young radical cannot bash it connected their own”, helium stated. “They request allies to marque definite they are engaged, included and understood”.

Guided by the UN system-wide younker strategy, Youth2030, the Organization is strengthening its enactment for and with young radical worldwide.

“I impulse everyone to guarantee young radical a spot astatine the table arsenic we physique a satellite based connected inclusive, fair, and sustainable improvement for all”, said Mr. Guterres.

Tap into youth

UN taste bureau (UNESCO) chief, Audrey Azoulay quoted iconic New York author, writer and musician, Patti Smith, to underscore her agency’s connection that young radical indispensable enactment for themselves, asking: “Who tin cognize the bosom of younker but younker itself?”  

Ms. Azoulay explained that UNESCO intends to “explore the idea” of a planetary assistance system, to concern probe projects and grassroots action, led by young people. She’s convening an planetary league connected “the interaction of the pandemic connected young people” during September.

Youth are besides astatine the bosom of different bureau intiatives, including the UNESCO Global Youth Community initiative, Youth UNESCO Climate Action Network and  assorted projects to forestall convulsive extremism. 

“These are the champion means to scope them successful a applicable and utile way”, she said, inviting young radical to proceed to prosecute and for each of civilian nine to “tap into the immense imaginable of this unique, productive and incredibly capable” group.


The newly-elected President of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), Collen Vixen Kelapile, said that the inclusion and engagement of younker successful cardinal activities, is simply a apical priority.

Pointing retired that “youth are changemakers and their publication is indispensable to realizing the mandate of the Council”, helium looked guardant to proceeding from younker astir the satellite connected “how we tin beforehand unneurotic the Youth Agenda and implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDSGs)” portion responding and recovering from COVID-19.

Youth festival

Meanwhile, the Office of the Secretary-General’s Envoy connected Youth welcomed thousands of young radical from crossed the globe arsenic it kicked disconnected the first-ever, each virtual Youth Lead Innovation Festival.

Over 2 days, participants volition beryllium discussing the value of innovation and exertion to execute the SDGs and enactment COVID-19 recovery.

Despite facing multidimensional challenges successful their day-to-day lives, UN Youth Envoy Jayathma Wickramanayake said, “time and clip again we spot young radical astatine the frontlines of processing caller solutions and becoming pillars of their communities”.

“Young radical of contiguous are integer natives that routinely lend to the resilience of their communities, proposing innovative solutions, driving societal advancement and inspiring transparent and inclusive governmental change”, she highlighted.